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Downtown Pacific Grove. Our ciders are found in several places.

A Quiet Corner by the Sea

Apple orchard at cider making time.

CIDER (Hard Cider)

The term "cider" is used all over the world to describe an alcoholic beverage. In America, the term evolved to "hard cider" due to Prohibition (long story). With the increasing popularity of hard cider, you will see both terms used to describe this satisfying drink. Ours are generally 6-7% alcohol and made in small batches in the same fashion as our ancestors.

A just-picked pear ready for pressing to perry

PERRY (Pear Cider)

Produced by the fermentation of pear juice, this delicious beverage was a special treat for our pioneer ancestors and well-known in America. Alas, Prohibition in the 1920's would destroy the industry. Now, a few dedicated producers are working to bring it back. Slightly sweet and lower in alcohol than cider, we offer both a draft and a sparkling style.

Oak barrels like these are used to age ciders


If you enjoy Port wine, you may enjoy our Brandipera® (a "pear port"). Created in the same manner as Port (a combination of sweet wine and brandy), we use lightly fermented perry instead of wine and blend in our pear brandy to fashion a delightful aperitif. Aged in French oak barrels, it finishes with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel. This luscious drink is 16.9% alcohol.

Our 4 ciders. Pear port, dry saison cider, pear cider and sparkling perry.

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Cafe Guarini - Pacific Grove

Michael's Grill & Taqueria - Pacific Grove

The Beach House at Lovers Point - Pacific Grove

Los Amigos - Pacific Grove

Lucy's on Lighthouse - Pacific Grove

Heirloom Pizza Co. - Monterey

Heirloom Pizza Co. - Salinas

Pepper's Mexicali Cafe - Pacific Grove

Julia's Vegetarian Restaurant - Pacific Grove

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Pacific Grove Bottle Shop - Pacific Grove

Clay's Liquors - Monterey

Monte Vista Wines and Spirits - Monterey

Total Wines - Sand City, San Jose (Almaden Ranch), San Jose (Steven's Creek), Daly City.

Daney's Mini Mart - Monterey